Why We're Different

At Elkhorn Family Dentistry we are not your average dental office. We believe coming to the dentist can be fun, comfortable, and quick. Our patients’ time, health, and comfort reside with the utmost importance in our office. Gone are the days of avoiding the dentist. Our office has changed the game to make your visit as efficient, painless, and enjoyable as possible.

Your Smile, Your Way

The moment you step in the door at Elkhorn Family Dentistry we want to ensure you get the smile you want. From your check-in to your goodbye, everything is about you and your smile. We want to provide a smile worth showing off.

Financing Tailored To You

No matter your financial situation we can help you get the smile you want. Whether it's through your insurance provider or by qualifying for third-party funding, we can make it happen. No one should go without being able to show those pearly whites.

Comfortable Care

A long day at the dentist is no one's fantasy. Well, except for ours. The two most important goals when you're visiting us is your overall comfort and time. Most visits can be completed within an hour, pain-free, and get you back to daily life with a smile as wide as Texas.

Quality & Comfort is the motto


The team at Elkhorn Family Dentistry has been practicing dentistry for a long time. With all the experience we’ve had it allows us to give our patients a thorough and comfortable experience. You can count on us to answer all your dental questions.  We create a comfortable experience by patiently guiding you through the enter visit. Now is the time to finally stop worrying about going to the dentist and simply care how great your smile is.

So we’re telling you that going to the dentist is actually enjoyable? Yeah, right. But seriously, at Elkhorn Family Dentistry it has become the standard not the exception for comfort, efficiency, and care. 

We greet you with a smile, take care of you like family and set you up for a beautiful smile. Your health and confidence is a great responsibility. We don’t take that lightly. Coming into our office should never be worrisome. We’ve created an environment where smiles, laughter, and a few good jokes are commonplace. You’ll never see us not enjoying our time here. We hope you can too. Simply come on in and enjoy the fun!

No WOrries, No Problems

How Your Visit Can Be The Most Enjoyable Yet

Get the smile you've always wanted at Elkhorn Family Dentistry. Contact us today.

Start your smile journey by contacting us below.

Get the smile you've always wanted at Elkhorn Family Dentistry. Contact Us Today!

Start your smile journey by contacting us below.